Peanut Cookies (GF)

Light and airy cookies made

with roasted peanuts

Cornstarch Cookies (GF)

 Light and airy cookies

distinctively addictive

Pineapple Tartlet

Bite size tartlet filled with

sweet and tangy pineapple compote

Shortbread cookies

Rich buttery cookies dipped

in chocolate

Cassava Coconut Cake (GF)
Grated cassava and coconut 
replace the flour normally

used in cake. Combined with

milk and spices making this a super
gluten free cake

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cookies per 2 dozen (GF: gluten free)

Pineapple Sponge Cake

Pie crust with pineapple 

compote and sponge cake

with a hint of lemon on top

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Lemon Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies with a great

 lemon flavor

Chocolate Cupcake

Super chocolaty cupcake

with chocolate frosting

Meringue Praline (GF)
Sweet and light meringue

filled with melted chocolate

Cinnamon-Almond Cookies

Spice cookies topped with

almond slivers

Cassava Coconut Star (GF)
Grated cassava and coconut

are used in this cake as flour

replacement. Combined with 

milk and spices makes this a superb gluten free cake

​​​Cookies per half pound (GF: gluten free)

Mini Cranberry Loaf (S)

Sweet and tangy mini

cranberry loaf cake

Pear Almond Cream Tart

Pastry shell filled with

almond cream and pears

Blueberry Crumb Pie (S)

Crumb pie with berry

filling in the middle

( Apple, Raspberry,

Blackberry, Cherry and Mango

also available)

Lattice Top Dutch Apple Pie

What makes this pie so

special are the crunchy crust

and the right sweetness and tartness of the apples

*​ Depending on the mini cupcake or tartlet, minimum order 2 dozen

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Layered chocolate cake with 

strawberry filling and chocolate frosting

Almond Tartlet

Pie crust filled with almond cake and topped with almond slivers

Prune Walnut Cake

Our one of a kind cake with

pitted prunes and chopped 



Soft, chewy and melt in your

mouth brownies.

Gluten free also available

Cranberry Rose Cake (S)

Sweet and tangy, made with 

fresh cranberries and apple



Almond Loaf Cake

Old fashioned loaf cake

made with ground almonds

Chocolate Cookies

 Hard crunchy cookies made 

​ with cacao and sprinkles on


Mini Crumb Pie

Delicious crumb pastry with

your choice of apple, blueberry

or strawberry in the middle

Cheese Straws

 Savory , cheese and flaky  ​​cookies with a hint of  cayenne pepper

Cakes, Pies, Tarts (GF: gluten free, S: seasonal)

Almond Mocha Cake (GF)

Layered almond cake with mocha frosting between layers and on top

Small Pastries (GF: gluten free, S: seasonal)

Coconut Cookies

 Thin and crispy cookies made

 with lots of coconut and

 sprinkles on top

French Apple Tart

Pastry crust filled with a

thin layer of apple sauce,

a decorated layer of sliced

apples and then baked to perfection

Peanut Mocha Barrel (GF)

Mini barrel shaped cake

made with peanut flour and mocha cream on top

Chocolate Chip Marbled


A delicate mix of chocolate

and vanilla cake mixed with

chocolate chips and topped with

vanilla-chocolate buttercream frosting